• Slow Flow & Restore (warm): A soothing, gentle practice that focuses on slow movement, basic postures and stretching.

  • Hot Prana Power Hour: Designed for functional movement to strengthen your body and clear your mind.

  • Hot Morning Flow/Slow Burn: A traditional practice, slow but energizing vinyasa flows that will allow the practitioner time to find themselves in their breath and asana (poses).

  • Hot Vinyasa: A step up from Slow Burn class, with one breath/one movement and faster tempo flows.

  • Hot Vitality Flow: Invite vitality into your whole being with breath work and a mindful, energizing flow to awaken the highest vibrations within. Deepen your practice while greeting the day feeling stretched, strong, and vibrant.

  • $5 Sunrise Hot Vinyasa: Flows that begin to open the body by providing movements you need to be ready for the day.

  • Hot Candlelight Yin: Gentle flows and long periods of stretching, with a lovely vibe that will have you floating from the room. Free your mind. Liberate your senses.

  • Hot Candlelight Flow: Settle your mind & body. Work up a sweat through slow moving asana sequences & deliberate, breath-focused postures.

  • Hot H.I.I.T. Vinyasa:  High Intensity Interval Training & yoga. Expect a dynamic yoga-based warm up, followed by alternating HIIT circuits & active-recovery yoga sequences.

  • Yoga for Athletes (warm): This whole-body practice focuses on hips and core to improve ability to perform sport-specific movements, breathe better, recover faster, and self-sooth. This class, led by Annie, is ideal for runners/cyclists/endurance sport, but will benefit everyone.


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